Until now, the MH Foundation only offered scholarships to students in the Western Cape. We have expanded our footprint and are accepting learners in secondary schools in Gauteng. Find out if you meet the criteria to be an MH Scholar and start your application. 


The Selection Committee is looking for the following: 

  • Leadership - displays a strong character, has leadership abilities, capacity to inspire, commitment to service, belief in development (of self and others), well rounded 

  • Social Consciencegrounding in human rights, understanding of hard work and determination, aware of social challenges, desire for change 

  • Education - values scholastic achievement, displays intellectual potential, embraces responsibility for education advancement, healthy approach to education and learning

  • Values - has a sense of vigour and passion, integrity, evidence of an entrepreneurial spirit

  • Social Responsibility - strong desires for community upliftment, evidence of involvement with others, a sense of citizenship


Should you wish to apply, please send us your contact details